नूट्रेला सोया चंक्स 1Kg

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नूट्रेला  सोया चंक्स 1Kg

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Product Description Soya chunks are used as an additive in many recipes. Soya Manchurian turn your soya chunks into the delicious Chinese favourite Manchurian. Chunks are easy to digest. Buy Nutrela Soya Chunks / Wadi online now!

Product Features Carefully picked for the highest quality Low cholesterol diet Rich source of protein Absorb the taste of the ingredients in which they are cooked Fried soya chunks stirred with spices make flavourful recipes with curries or dry vegetables Helps in reducing body weight, eliminate bad cholesterol and boost bone health

Product Specifications Ingredient Type: ‎Vegetarian Diet Type: Vegetarian, Vegan Country of Origin: ‎India Net Quantity: 1 kg Package Quantity: Pack of 1