Park Daniel Premium Bhringraj Powder (Pack Of 3, 100 g) (SE-1529)

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Park Daniel Premium Bhringraj Powder (Pack Of 3, 100 g) (SE-1529)

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इजी रेटर्नेबल
इजी रेटर्नेबल
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कैश ऑन डिलीवरी
कैश ऑन डिलीवरी

Bhringraj Powder is a perfect solution to trust on when you want to avoid problems like premature greying of hair or excessive hair loss With bhringaraj as its key element, it provides your hair maximum protection and care Key Features: 1 100% Pure 2 100% Natural, Pure without any added chemicals, 3 Made of fresh crops and thus health-friendly, 4 Constitutes of natural ingredients Benefits: 1 Avoids the premature greying of hair, 2 Improves hair quality and keeps it dark for longer time, 3 Provides nutrition to scalp, 4 Prevents hair loss and also stimulates hair growth, 5 Provides necessary conditioning treatment to hair, 6 Avoids baldness by protection to scalp and strengthening hair roots

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